SabineTek SmartMike Smart Microphone


Tiempo aprox: 25-30 días hábiles

Wireless bluetooth Microphone Intelligent AI Voice Recognition Noise Reduction Mic HD Sound Lavalier Microphone


1. True Wireless Stereo Mic for Content Creators
SmartMike is the world’s first TWS high quality bluetooth microphone, it is an innovative video shooting wireless recording perfect device, it works with smartphone videoort video filming the scene to provide high-quality wireless acquisition, bidirectional transmission and mixing for video shooting, so that the video make the shooting easier and more vivid, the memories more complete and more emotional.

2. The First TWS Real Time Wireless Microphone
Realtime transmission
SWISS bluetooth technology, bidirectional high bandwidth audio transmission
Wireless up to 15 meters

3. High Audio Quality
Stereo, 44.1KHz, Full Frequency
Compatible with iOS/Android
Full frequency band (with 44.1KHz)

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